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R and RStudio Fundamentals is a Course

R and RStudio Fundamentals



Full course description

Berkeley Public Health and the California Department of Public Health have teamed up to provide advanced training in data science and biostatistics. Many public health employees have an interest in learning R and RStudio. This video series provides a quick introduction to R and RStudio for the beginner. It requires no previous programming experience. An introduction to R and R studio fundamentals. 

Time Commitment: Approximately 5 hours of recordings, including 2 hours of hands-on practice material.

Preparation: To get the most out of this video series you will need to have R and RStudio installed. If you installed either of these a long time ago, you will want to install the latest version to minimize the chance of something breaking.

Further, to create reports in PDF from within RStudio, you will need to have LaTeX installed. If you don't have LaTeX installed yet, you can still follow along with 90% of what is covered in this course -- so feel free to stick around and install LaTex later.

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