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R and RStudio Fundamentals



Full course description

Level: Beginner

Beginner courses require no previous knowledge or training and focus on introducing core concepts and skills within the topic area. 

Track: Non-Analyst

Courses targeted to non-analysts are conceptual in nature and do not involve in-depth statistical programming.

Intended audience: Those interested in learning the basics of using R and RStudio.  

Overview: This is a truly beginner-friendly course on how to use R and RStudio. Participants will learn what is shown in the RStudio application; how to create variables and install and load packages; using dplyr to explore your data; and using ggplot2 to visualize data.

Time commitment: Approximately 5 hours of recordings, including 2 hours of hands-on practice material.

Certificate: Upon completion of all videos and activities, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion.   

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