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Causal Inference for Non-analysts



Full course description

Level: Beginner

Beginner courses require no previous knowledge or training and focus on introducing core concepts and skills within the topic area.

Track: Non-analyst track

Courses targeted to non-analysts are conceptual in nature and do not involve in-depth statistical programming.


This is a true beginners-level course and is suitable for those who want to learn the basics of causal inference. No coding, and minimal mathematical notation! Emphasis is on frameworks, concepts to help, ask, understand, and think through causal questions.


This course aims at introducing participants to the fundamentals of causal reasoning, highlighting the principles and tools used, and providing practical applications to public health.

Causal frameworks and graphs, study designs and counterfactuals, bias, random error and inference are all discussed. To prepare for this training, there is an optional reading from the Book of Why by Judea Peral and Dana Mackenzie.

Time commitment: Approximately 6 hours, including hands-on activities.

Certificate: Upon completion of all videos and activities, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion

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